Outsourcing to Pia Pharma is making a difference to our Clients’ bottom line. If you have a production or formulation issue that just won’t go away, or an R&D project that your staff never have enough time to do, it is costing you money! Ask as what we can do to help.

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Pia Pharma – Offering a high quality outsourcing solution

Are your internal resources spread too thin? Are project time lines slipping or costly problems or delays creeping in? Have you considered outsourcing to alleviate some of the pressure? You can do less, but achieve more! Let Pia Pharma show you how.

Now before you write it off as too expensive or frustrating, ask what is it costing your business to continue the way it is? Key considerations of cost, time, attention to detail, accountability and communication are just as important to us as they are to your business. If a fresh solution is needed, Pia Pharma may be able to help. With numerous projects completed in this space, we know Pia Pharma’s strategies and services shorten project delivery times and reduce the time to commercialisation. If you are conflicted with the outsource vs internal debate, consider the advantages outsourcing to Pia Pharma can offer.

  • We stay focused – we’re clear about the task, unencumbered by ‘organisational baggage’ or changing priorities. We remain focused on the path to achieving your goals.
  • We’re flexible – our resources can gear up quickly giving 100% effort to get your project moving, or problem solved.
  • Short communication lines – we stay in touch, our expertise is accessible and we are responsive.
  • Real time status updates – no need to wait for a meeting, you can access our project management software through an on-line portal for real time status updates.
  • We deliver on-time and on-budget – no excuses
  • We get results – we have runs on the board – problems solved, registrations and commercialised products – our achievements for clients are the logical conclusion to sustained effort, quality science and a good strategy.
  • We’re motivated – we want to grow – that means providing good service, and having satisfied clients.
  • We don’t want the glory – The biggest compliment you can give us is to book the next job.
  • We’re value for money – every minute you pay for is dedicated to driving your project or solving your problem.

A solution could be an email or phone call away.

Contact us, we can help.