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Obtaining market approval for a medicinal or agrochemical chemical product through regulatory systems world-wide is challenging.  It requires an appropriate development strategy based on knowledge and experience with industry or country-specific regulatory requirements.  Pia Pharma offers perspective gained through years of working in generic, innovative or novel product development, particularly in areas of animal health and paediatric medicine. By drawing on Pia Pharma’s development expertise, together we can build innovation, value-adds or market differentiation into the concept, and form an individual development strategy for regulatory approval that can meet cost and time expectations.

Pia Pharma’s responsiveness to client needs sets us apart. Our fully integrated service ensures our formulators have the input from regulatory and analytical experts at the start of the process to create your concept in a very short time frame.

To kickstart your path to commercial success, we can offer access to our expertise in a one hour free confidential consultation to discuss the concept and start the development strategy.

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We can arrange and coordinate lab and ‘in-life’ pilot studies to get you quick answers on stability, efficacy or safety. We think outside the square to ensure you have affordable options to ultimately determine the viability of the product.


Our core strength is the provision of high quality, affordable analytical services that are integrated across our range of services.

We support this with well-equipped laboratories containing an array of instrumental technologies to cater for most analytical needs.  Likewise, we’ve developed our analysts to be experts in their field.  Our expertise in chromatography and method development is well recognised within the industries we service. 

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