In response to growing demand Pia Pharma has increased its capability for pharmaceutical starting material analysis with the addition of an Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer and Agilent Cary 60 UV/VIS spectrophotometer to our analytical instrumentation suite.  This equipment expands our capacity for starting material identity testing, and complements the array of physical testing, quantitative analysis (UHPLC/ LCMSMS), impurity and trace contaminant analysis services for pharmaceutical, animal health and agricultural active constituents and excipients.  No doubt we have the facility, expert analysts, quality systems and equipment to meet your needs in this space.

A cornerstone of Pia Pharma’s service ethos is to use our collective experience to assist clients avoid pitfalls, provide pragmatic compliance solutions and systems that add value and integrity to their manufacture and quality processes.  For starting materials, our Quality Assurance and GMP specialists work with clients to tailor programs such as:

  • an industry specific, risk-based starting material supplier approval program;
  • validate the material and supply chain to ensure the material can arrive at the production facility in the same condition and quality standard as when it left the manufacturer;
  • validate the use patterns and storage stability of the material during the period the material is ‘in-use’;
  • detect issues associated with inferior quality materials through the provision of an efficient, cost-effective starting material quality assurance and testing program;
  • establishing sampling plans;
  • on-site instruction for sampling techniques;
  • remote starting material quality review and release, managing out of specification issues and supplier interactions;
  • regulatory assistance relating to permits and approvals for active constituents and other starting entering regulated markets.

Drop us a message or call us and take the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements and how Pia Pharma can work with your organisation to mitigate the many risks relating to starting materials.

Please note, artistic license overruled on the amount of API used for the photo.  We use far less of your expensive actives for actual testing!