About us

Pia Pharma mission statement

Enhancing the quality and integrity of chemical products through provision of a robust, science-based development and regulatory service for clients in the pharmaceutical, animal health and agrochemical sector.

Pia Pharma is a leading supplier of analytical and regulatory services to the pharmaceutical, animal health and agrochemical industries.

Our service can bring clarity and structure to your organisation’s product development pipeline. We’ll work with you, listen to you, and challenge you to ensure the product meets your expectations…more importantly, your customer’s needs for safe, effective and affordable medicines and agrochemical products.

Pia Pharma’s experienced personnel can manage your development project from concept to commercialisation or tailor a service to complement your existing development resources. We have the flexibility to assist your organisation with any or all of the following development components.


Pia Pharma is a one-stop shop for your product development requirements. As the focus shifts from concept to commercialisation, we can guide you through the requirements for data to address any statutory criteria for toxicology, safety, efficacy, trade, occupational health & safety, environmental safety and project manage each to completion. Through strategic partnerships we have with service providers within these fields we can budget, plan, coordinate and execute an array of ‘in-life’ and field studies to produce the required data packages. Our interaction with regulators ensures that we are planning and designing appropriate studies while obtaining the maximum value from your development dollar.

From concept to commercialization, Pia Pharma works alongside your business, compiling data, reports and coordinating submissions to regulators. Each submission is built on good science, something that is recognised and valued by all regulators. Submissions are closely monitored to minimise delays during the evaluation process. Our clients rely on our continual, effective communication with the regulator. We are passionate advocates for your product, arguing good science as needed to tip the scales in your favour. We pride ourselves on minimal delays and a positive outcome for clients from the regulatory evaluation process.

Our clients can take advantage of our seamless transition for post-authorisation compliance testing services. Our laboratories offer an economical option with good turn-around times.


We are experts in our field and we enjoy using good science to achieve commercial success for our clients.

evidence-based regulatory processes

Our Advantage

Our service array and experience combine to achieve successful outcomes from evidence-based regulatory processes.

We have integrated our analytical services across a development focused business model that affords short and effective communication lines to provide an efficient, seamless transition from product concept to commercialisation.  Clients benefit with shortened project delivery timelines, exceptional communication and access to expert analysts who understand their individual requirements. 

What sets us apart

Pia Pharma 2020 vision

Pia Pharma directors have implemented a plan to meet their vision for the company in 2020. Our vision for the company is that in 2020

  • Our business continues to provide a personalised service to clients as we grow
  • Our service scope has increased continuously in order to meet customer needs
  • Our ‘quality first’ culture has measurable benefits to this business and clients alike
  • Our service quality has continued to meet increasing regulatory demands
  • Our service delivery is the benchmark for the industry
  • Our interaction and communication with clients remains at the highest level
  • Our instrumentation and technology acquisitions have had positive benefits for throughput and service efficiency
  • Our understanding of the intricate regulatory process, and the strategies and science we present, has continued to achieve commercial success for clients

Our Staff

Joe Pippia B. App. Sc., M. Sci.Tech

Joe grew up on farms and in rural communities. His entire professional life has been involved in sustaining agricultural markets, product development and improving therapeutic outcomes from pharmaceutical and animal health products. He is an expert in analytical chemistry, product development, regulatory affairs and quality assurance in chemical product manufacture.

1991-2000: Senior Analytical Chemist, Queensland Dept. Primary Industries Chemical Residue Laboratory

2000-2004: Senior Analytical Chemist, Virbac Australia

2004-2011: Technical and Product Development Manager, Troy Laboratories Australia

2012-: Managing Director, Pia Pharma Pty Ltd

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