Fom 1 January 2017 most Australian states and territories will require workplace hazardous chemicals to be labelled in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS). The GHS is an international system used to classify and communicate chemical hazards. Following adoption of the model Work Health and Safety Regulations in 2012, Australia has transitioned to the GHS. It is surprising, but despite a significant level of existing regulatory oversight, GHS compliance requirements apply to manufacturers, importers and suppliers of AgVet chemicals.

Efforts by peak industry peak bodies are underway to avoid regulatory duplication. We’re keeping an eye on their progress. For most AgVet manufacturers, importers and suppliers, it is currently a case of hoping for a reasoned outcome, but preparing for the 1.1.2017 compliance deadline. We’ve included some links to resources and options for assistance to get your business GHS ready.

Safe Work Australia have recently published an online resource for AgVet chemicals. We’re actively working with clients applying the Safe Work guidelines, our expertise and reasoning to determine compliance requirements for hazard identification and classification. AgVet chemicals that are clearly consumer products are exempt. There is also a partial exemption for AgVet chemicals, requiring GHS hazard and precautionary statements only. Keep in mind AgVet chemicals may be mixtures, so classification of all individual components within a product and percentages should be considered. Your product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a logical starting point. Check your version to determine that it has been prepared in accordance with the model Code of Practice – Preparation of Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Chemicals (1.1.2012). Contact us if you need any assistance determining your compliance needs.

Pia Pharma’s integrated services can provide an affordable option to be GHS ready. If additional label statements are required, we can produce labels through local suppliers relatively quickly. For application, Pia Pharma can cater for most wrap around requirements, or apply manually in our GMP facility. If you are short on labour, we can come to you and work on-site.
Contact us to discuss your compliance needs.